Reliable manufacture and installation of sheet metal parts - from Hämeenlinna to the entire world

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The manufacture and installation of sheet metal parts are an integral part of Metalli & Koneistus Keränen Oy's service offering. Our products and installations are especially known for their quality, versatility and efficiency.


We serve from all over Finland in Hämeenlinna. When you need quality parts and reliable installations, choose us. Contact us and leave a request for a quote! You can reach us by phone, email or using the form on the contact page .

Extremely wide selection

You will find a wide range of sheet metal parts here. The range of our sheet metal products store is constantly being expanded with new products! At present, our selection includes:

  • Sheet metal products for decorative walls

  • Cassette sheet metals

  • Window sheet metals

  • Stile sheet metals

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Tin roofs as a turnkey service

You will also receive all-inclusive turnkey roofs produced as a turnkey service. We manufacture the roof in our own workshop and install it ready for use. Feel free to contact us and ask for a quote on such a package!


The sheet metal can be used to make high-quality roofs for residential buildings, garages, yard warehouses, boat sheds and industrial halls, for example. They are suitable for all roof buildings. We always manufacture the roofs according to the dimensions you give and the dampers are overlapped or split into the width of the roof during the installation phase. If necessary, our friendly dealers can help you choose the right profile and color, and can also provide installation instructions if you want to install the roof yourself.

Check out our other services in the metal industry as well

In addition to the manufacture and installation of sheet metal parts, we also offer a range of other services in the metal industry. You can find out more about each service behind the links:

If you need more information regarding the manufacture and installation of sheet metal parts or want to place an order directly, please feel free to contact us. We carefully analyze your intended use and make an offer for a customized product based on it. Our goal is always to provide the best quality at a good price. You can reach us by phone, email or contact form.