Grinding service for metal parts - from Hämeenlinna to the entire world

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Metalli & Koneistus Keränen Oy grinds metal parts accurately. We perform all grinding by machine. We are known in our industry especially for our quality, versatility and efficient way of working.


When you need any high-quality grinding services for metal parts, choose Metalli & Koneistus Keränen Oy and ask us for a quote. We serve from all over Finland in Hämeenlinna. You can reach us by phone,  email or using the form on the contact page !

Individual songs and series

We grind both individual songs and larger series alike. We also grind rotary shafts and do surface grinding. You will give us a long-term partner for your company, who can leave all your metal parts to be sanded. However, we also do individual grinding.

Finish by sanding

Surface treatment, in this case grinding, is one of the most important steps in processing the metal for end use. With high-quality grinding, you get more out of the metal and its properties. It withstands various stresses better and looks better. Choose an experienced player to grind your metal parts, and you will definitely get a good result!

Grinding with excellent technology

Grinding metal is a skill that requires expertise. This expertise only comes with a long experience. When you leave your metal parts to be processed by Keränen, you can be confident that the grinding will be carried out with excellent technology and that the end result will meet all modern standards.

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In addition to the grinding service for metal parts, we also offer a range of other services in the metal industry. You can find out more about each service behind the links:

If you are interested in our metal parts grinding service and would like to submit a request for quotation or just need more information, please feel free to contact our friendly professionals. We always carry out our services individually and never in mass production. You can reach us by phone, email or contact form.